The Fabric of India Exhibition

One of the Alidad team paid a visit to the V&A over the weekend to see the long awaited Fabric of India exhibition.


Not only was the exhibition carefully put together, it was incredibly informative and of course, just stunning to look at! I was taken on a journey from the nature of actually making cloth, the various methods of decorating it, through to the assorted uses. Fascinating videos of craftsmen today, practising the arts of hand block printing, intricate hand embroidery and weaving on hand looms were dotted around, portraying the skill and labour that goes in to the textiles that we use on a day to day basis here at Alidad Ltd. It is quite easy to forget the level of expertise that can go in to one beautiful cushion cover!


The highlight had to be the full Mughal tent, a portable palace, decorated with poppies in bordered panels; a pattern and colour combination that I could definitely see in an Alidad designed home!


It is quite clear that we owe a great deal to the Indian Textile trade, and this exhibition highlights the importance and the enormous influence it has had throughout history on fashion, jewellery and of course out interiors!


red oneMughal tent

Sari 1

Alidad Adores – Pippa Caley Embroidered Fabrics

This week Alidad Adores these textured and colourful fabrics from Pippa Caley. We love the elaborate organic forms, the delicate embroidery and the bright bursts of colour in these varied and interesting textiles. A really fun and unusual addition to any room! fabric 11 final fabric 6 final fabric 3 final
fabric 15 final

Introducing ‘Alidad Adores’ – This Week: English Tapestry, Julia Boston Antiques

Here at Alidad we are excited to announce we will be posting a weekly blog about what we love!

Be on the look out for interesting insights into what grabs our attention and excites us each week!


This week, Alidad Adores: English Tapestry



This English Mythological Tapestry from Julia Boston Antiques​. We love the composition of this 18th century tapestry and the exquisite scrollwork on the border – amazing something this old is in such excellent condition!


English Tapestry 2English Tapestry 3


The tapestry depicts Apollo at Vulcan’s forge, the moment when the god Apollo visits Vulcan and tells him his wife Venus is having an affair with Mars the god of war. Apollo is shown wearing a red toga turning towards Vulcan who is not seen but his anvil and tools are depicted in the bottom right hand side of the tapestry. Venus and Mars are seen to the left in an embrace. Apollo’s chariot is shown in the clouds above his head.


Woven in wools and silks from the series Venus and Vulcan, reduced in size. This tapestry has been cleaned and had minimal conservation it has been fully backed with linen.


Rubens at the Royal Academy

One of us here at Alidad was lucky enough to visit the  ‘Rubens and His Legacy’ exhibition at the Royal Academy this weekend.

We love the sumptuous colours and rich textures of Rubens’ work. His ability to suffuse a canvas with dazzling jewel-like colours and dramatic movement is awe-inspiring and secures his place as one of Europe’s most famous and influential artists.

The exhibition featured not only impressive large scale works of Rubens but wonderful paintings by Sir Thomas Lawrence and Eugene Delacroix – none of which would look out of place in an Alidad home!

Rubens 1

Sir Thomas Lawrence, Portrait of Mrs Arthur Annesley, oil on canvas (Image:

Sir Thomas Lawrence, Portrait of Mrs Arthur Annesley, oil on canvas (Image:

Lion Hunt, 1858, Eugène Delacroix, oil on canvas (Image:


Lion Hunt, 1858, Eugène Delacroix, oil on canvas (Image:

Evening Landscape with Timber Wagon, Peter Paul Rubens, oil on canvas (Image:


Evening Landscape with Timber Wagon, Peter Paul Rubens, oil on canvas (Image:

Buscot Park Photoshoot

Alidad is back at Buscot Park today attending a photoshoot for a new book London Creative.

Here are some highlights from behind the scenes.

Buscot Park

Beautiful Buscot Park, the location for today’s London Creative shoot



Alidad behind the scenes




Watts Of Westminster Celebrating 140 Years

Watts & Co. are celebrating 140 years of their company’s colourful and beautiful designs. The “Pattern Watts’ Architects Wallpaper, 1870 – Today” exhibition offers a rare peak inside this fifth generation family-run firm.

In the exhibition’s pamphlet a photograph of Alidad’s interior was used to demonstrate the truly beautiful velvets produced by Watts of Westminster.

Watts and Co


Matisee: Cut-Outs

One of our colleagues visited Tate Modern over the weekend and simply had to share this inspiring exhibition.

Matisse is recognized as a leading figure in modern art and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see so many of this incredible artist’s works in one place, and to discover his final artistic triumph.

The exhibition is open until 7th September. Final all-nights weekend and late-nights have been added due to popular demand. We think it’s a must-see!

Henri Matisse The Snail 1953 © Succession H. Matisse / DACS 2014

Henri Matisse
The Snail 1953
© Succession H. Matisse / DACS 2014



Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace, was once an important royal palace playing host to kings and queens and international statesmen. It is one of the few medieval royal palaces to survive with substantial remains intact and was one of the only six palaces large enough to accommodate and feed the entire Tudor court. Initially a moated manor house, it was acquired by the future Edward II in 1305. Under Edward IV significant changes were made, most notably the addition in the 1470′s of the great hall, which still stands today. Eltham Palace was eclipsed by Greenwich and Hampton Court palaces in the 16th century and declined in the early 17th century. For 200 years after the Civil Wars it was used as a farm

Eltham Palace's architectural features seen here in Winter

Eltham Palace’s architectural features seen here in Winter