Christmas in St James’s

London, like many other capital cities, is magical at Christmas.  It is festive and twinkly and although cold outside, Christmas cheer and the advent of the New Year warms us all.


Royal Arcade

We at Alidad particularly enjoy walking around St James, the Arcades and gazing at the Fortnum & Mason windows which get more delightful and whimsical every year.


Fortnum and Mason

This area of London continues to pay no attention to global branding and ignores the bling-ful and the charmless.

The Arcades, Piccadilly, Princes and Burlington are a not only and architectural delight but also pay tribute to small shops, and truly specialist stores.


Piccadilly Arcade

Risque velvet slippers can be found at Jeffery West, whilst Andy & Tuly are truly dedicated to cuff links.


Jeffery West slippers


Andy and Tuly

There are specialist grooming store as well as independent perfumers for all flavours and moods.


Roja Parfums


Carlo Anichini

Jermyn Street is a gentleman’s mecca for the dashing and well groomed.  The Davidoff store has been there on the corner it seems forever as have all the shirt makers, shoemakers and hatters.


The perfect antidote to online shopping could  be done in a day including a wet shave and high tea

The very best Season’s Greetings and happy shopping to all!

Street Art in Bristol

One of the members of our team recently went to Bristol to explore its Street Art.

The Street Art scene is so diverse and rich, with a number of well known as well as new artists who left cutting-edge pieces of art throughout the city. 


Photo 2 for blog

The immensity of the colours, the vibe of each piece and that vibrant feeling behind each work makes the visitor overwhelmed.


Graffiti is literally everywhere: sometimes touching, sometimes horrific, sometimes bizarre or full of pain, sometimes joyful. Walking through Bristol’s streets is such an emotional experience!


Photo 3 for blog

Everywhere is a feast of colours, contrasting with the grey architecture (and the sky of course, but this is England and we love it, right?!). Each graffiti seems to have fun playing with the surrounding bleak and alienating city.


Photo 4 for blog

Bars are full of students drawing in their notebooks and talking about art whilst galleries and independent shops sell and promote the work of local artists.


Photo 5 for blog

How inspiring is all of that?! How cool is hanging around and feeling surrounded by art?! We love it!


During your walk through the side streets off Nelson Street, you might find a panda playing with its bamboo on the sidewalk, whilst above it, some huge pink wall is giving life to interesting stories. 
Photo 8 for blog


Behind one building, there is a massive young mother holding her baby . They are not full coloured, the contours of the paint are left empty to match the grey walls and to contrast with the red bricks behind. Some 
reddish shades embrace the baby (and you ask yourself: why?!). The mother looks sad and protective, so feminine and interrogative. Discretely hidden behind a dull building, like every mother looking for some intimacy when it comes to caring of her own baby. She reminds the sweetness of motherhood to the urban jungle. 

Photo 6 for blog

Street art is art in the streets, it is a painting in an architectural scene, a playful and genius splash of colours making fun of an insane and dull
ing urbanity.


Photo 7 for blog

We couldn’t stop walking, the curiosity of finding the next graffiti is too high and we came across another stunning piece, and another there, and another one again down there. It is a journey through a surreal world!
Come over, see this one. It is great. It is street art. It is art.

Photo 9 for blog

No matter who the author is, no matter what the message behind it is, you only want to keep immersing yourself in such a vibrant journey and keep walking and looking up. There is an absolute freedom in the way you can approach street art, with no pre-conceptions and no expectations. This reminded us how art should really be: emotional and sensorial.

photo 10 for blog


Summer Fun at Giffords Circus

giffordscircus 1

With the atmosphere of a Victorian village fete, Giffords Circus is a whimsical journey. With parading chickens, a faux-buffalo, a pet iron, superb horsemanship and some serious acrobats and trapeze artists, all performing in a proper circular tent with bench seats, it is just like a childhood memory.


Every detail is put together in a beautifully decorated way, right down to the most tasteful shop of souvenirs. The sets are carefully designed, the costumes perfectly detailed. None of your tatty snacks here either, instead some of the best home made pizza around, delicious cakes and if you book well in advance Circus Sauce, its very own restaurant, travels along with the rest of the troupe at every venue.

Giffords-Circus-Cotswold-ReviewCircus sauce
Giffords tours across the south west and London and sets-up tent at magical sites such as Chiswick House, were we attended, Sudeley Castle, Blenheim Palace, Daylesford Organic Farm Park among many others.


The theme for this year, The Painted Wagon, a cowboy theme, was tongue in cheek and great fun for both the little people as well as the older ones with naughty puns and slapstick humour.
Giffords are clearly a devoted, passionate bunch, the Alidad team look forward to returning next year.


Little Tripettes

One of the most enjoyable parts of interior design is getting the chance to escape our desks and go on little tripettes around London (avoiding the rain of course).

This week the Alidad decorators have been out and about sourcing bits and bobs for various projects. For antiques, art and beautiful objet we often visit Lillie Road in Fulham, where an assortment of shops provides a plethora of things to choose from.


Lillie road shop


Among the lot, our favourites include Dorian Caffot de Fawes – a gorgeous collection of early 20th century items that are set out in charming tablescapes; Quindry – unusual furniture and quirky pieces, Nimmo and Spooner and Shane Meredith for chairs, mirrors, prints… a shoppers paradise!





On the opposite end of the spectrum, a trip to Homebase was made. Though possibly not quite as glamorous, this remains one of Alidad Ltds treasured places to visit.





Paints, tools, hardware, plants, baskets, cleaning products, lighting, pots and pans, carpet, shelving units …. What more could an interior designer want!




‘New Masters’ – Taxidermy in all its Glory at Jamb

Alidad Ltd were delighted to attend a private view of Jaap Sinke and Ferry van Tongeren’s spectacular exhibit ‘New Masters’ last night. The event, which showcased the most extraordinary and beautiful collection of taxidermy, took place at Jamb’s unique showroom on the Pimlico Road.


The showroom (one of our favourites) provided the perfect setting and backdrop for these spectacular one-off works of art, as well as providing delicious drinks and treats. Such was the beauty of each piece, there was no time to mourn even slightly for the past lives of the magnificent animals.


The showstopper was the tremendous tiger on display in the basement, where the dark and moody interior made it appear to be lurking in the shadows – even more terrifyingly awesome.


Our personal favourite was a birdcage with a variety of parrots and birds of spectacular colours that hung in the front window of the showroom, truly breathtaking! Highly worth a visit for the rest of the exhibition.



To view Jamb’s own blog post, and for more images of the amazing pieces, click on this link -



It’s Panto Time – And We’re In It!

This year the Interior Designers Pantomime brings you Peter Pan and the Designers of the Caribbean, a theatrical adventure featuring legendary figures from the worlds of interior design and fashion.

Peter Pan




Team Alidad Bank Holiday Retreat

Team Alidad had quite the adventurous weekend, which we wanted to share with you. Although it was the coldest August bank holiday weekend since records began, our staff mostly decided to escape to the countryside. Here are some of the landscape shots of locations visited by our team.

Bank Holiday Retreat

Top:Photo by Camilla, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Left:Photo by Nastasija, Rye Harbour, East Sussex

Right: Photo by Francesca, Seven Sisters, East Sussex



Marshal Tito’s Amazing Blue Train

These fascinating pictures of Marshall Tito’s (President of Yugoslavia 1953 – 1980) impeccably preserved Blue Train show one thing for sure – the man had great taste! The wonderful decorative wood panelled walls, the 1930′s furniture, the latest radio technology really do some up mid-century luxury!



A brilliant online shop from SOLID ID

As big fans of the Solid ID shop on the Fulham Road we were very excited to discover it has a new online shop! Such an eclectic collection of vintage accessories, shabby-chic furniture and reclaimed finds is a haven for finding unusual things for the home and we love that we can now do it online! These are some of our favourites :