Interior designer Alidad in conversation with Sue Crewe at the V&A, London UK

Award wining, international interior designer Alidad (London UK) in conversation with Sue Crewe, Editor of House and Garden Magazine at V&A London UK on 27th November 2013

Alidad is an award winning interior designer, internationally renowned for his opulent, elegant, yet supremely comfortable interiors. In this video we see Alidad discussing with Susan Crewe, the editor of House & Garden, the thinking behind his designs and the manner in which he brings together a number of different elements to create the perfect, timeless home.

Together they discuss Alidad’s passion for his clients and his commitment to fulfilling their dreams, using his signature combinations of cultures, influences and periods. He explains his love of restoration and the delight he takes in bringing harmony and balance to the buildings with which he works, as well as sharing his belief that the eye leads where the senses follow.

In the video you will also see short interviews with influential industry figures such as Nina Campbell, a world-renowned interior designer, and Min Hogg, the creator of World of Interiors, who share their views on Alidad’s ‘beautifully crafted interiors’ and the uniqueness of his art.