Marshal Tito’s Amazing Blue Train

These fascinating pictures of Marshall Tito’s (President of Yugoslavia 1953 – 1980) impeccably preserved Blue Train show one thing for sure – the man had great taste! The wonderful decorative wood panelled walls, the 1930′s furniture, the latest radio technology really do some up mid-century luxury!

Train Sitting RoomEquipped with an in-built radio the train was the height of technology in the 50′s

Amazing bar on Tito's trainAmazing mid-century light fittings at Tito’s bar.

 Hallie Selassie on Tito's TrainPhoto of Haile Selassie on Tito’s train.

Height of technology, telephone on boardThe height of technology, in 1959 Yugoslavia. 

Train bedroom and BathroomThis was the bedroom and bathroom for Tito’s wife. 

Train decorative wallAmazing decorative panelling in the Train 

Train interior 1930's furnitureFun mid-century furniture onboard the Blue Train

The blue train was constructed in 1959The Blue Train was constructed in 1959


Apart from Tito, his wife(s) and his entourage, other guests of the train included foreign dignitaries and royalty – including Queen Elizabeth II, and my personal favourite the Emperor Haile Selassie. Tito used his presidential palace on rails to lead negotiations, lock down deals, and strengthen friendships over a glass of the finest Rakija that Yugoslavia ever produced.


Tito’s Blue Train was first running in 1959, and remains almost completely in the same state as it was back then. It really is a time-capsule. It’s not hard to imagine the days where Tito was alive, using the same train to move around the various republics of Yugoslavia. Painted in striking blue, Tito could sleep, have a bath, or sit at his desk and get some work done – all the while waving to the citizens of Yugoslavia who would love to see the man, and his beautiful train, criss-crossing the countryside.