‘New Masters’ – Taxidermy in all its Glory at Jamb

Alidad Ltd were delighted to attend a private view of Jaap Sinke and Ferry van Tongeren’s spectacular exhibit ‘New Masters’ last night. The event, which showcased the most extraordinary and beautiful collection of taxidermy, took place at Jamb’s unique showroom on the Pimlico Road.


The showroom (one of our favourites) provided the perfect setting and backdrop for these spectacular one-off works of art, as well as providing delicious drinks and treats. Such was the beauty of each piece, there was no time to mourn even slightly for the past lives of the magnificent animals.


The showstopper was the tremendous tiger on display in the basement, where the dark and moody interior made it appear to be lurking in the shadows – even more terrifyingly awesome.


Our personal favourite was a birdcage with a variety of parrots and birds of spectacular colours that hung in the front window of the showroom, truly breathtaking! Highly worth a visit for the rest of the exhibition.



To view Jamb’s own blog post, and for more images of the amazing pieces, click on this link -