Street Art in Bristol

One of the members of our team recently went to Bristol to explore its Street Art.

The Street Art scene is so diverse and rich, with a number of well known as well as new artists who left cutting-edge pieces of art throughout the city. 


Photo 2 for blog

The immensity of the colours, the vibe of each piece and that vibrant feeling behind each work makes the visitor overwhelmed.


Graffiti is literally everywhere: sometimes touching, sometimes horrific, sometimes bizarre or full of pain, sometimes joyful. Walking through Bristol’s streets is such an emotional experience!


Photo 3 for blog

Everywhere is a feast of colours, contrasting with the grey architecture (and the sky of course, but this is England and we love it, right?!). Each graffiti seems to have fun playing with the surrounding bleak and alienating city.


Photo 4 for blog

Bars are full of students drawing in their notebooks and talking about art whilst galleries and independent shops sell and promote the work of local artists.


Photo 5 for blog

How inspiring is all of that?! How cool is hanging around and feeling surrounded by art?! We love it!


During your walk through the side streets off Nelson Street, you might find a panda playing with its bamboo on the sidewalk, whilst above it, some huge pink wall is giving life to interesting stories. 
Photo 8 for blog


Behind one building, there is a massive young mother holding her baby . They are not full coloured, the contours of the paint are left empty to match the grey walls and to contrast with the red bricks behind. Some 
reddish shades embrace the baby (and you ask yourself: why?!). The mother looks sad and protective, so feminine and interrogative. Discretely hidden behind a dull building, like every mother looking for some intimacy when it comes to caring of her own baby. She reminds the sweetness of motherhood to the urban jungle. 

Photo 6 for blog

Street art is art in the streets, it is a painting in an architectural scene, a playful and genius splash of colours making fun of an insane and dull
ing urbanity.


Photo 7 for blog

We couldn’t stop walking, the curiosity of finding the next graffiti is too high and we came across another stunning piece, and another there, and another one again down there. It is a journey through a surreal world!
Come over, see this one. It is great. It is street art. It is art.

Photo 9 for blog

No matter who the author is, no matter what the message behind it is, you only want to keep immersing yourself in such a vibrant journey and keep walking and looking up. There is an absolute freedom in the way you can approach street art, with no pre-conceptions and no expectations. This reminded us how art should really be: emotional and sensorial.

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