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Addison Mizner : Mediterranean to Palm Beach

 “The transition of art has become my greatest enjoyment….Most architects have spent their lives carrying out a period to the last letter and producing a characterless copybook effect. My ambition has been to take the reverse stand – to make a building look traditional and as though it has fought its way from a small unimportant structure to a great rambling house that took centuries of different needs and ups and downs of wealth to accomplish. I sometimes start a house with a Romanesque corner, pretend that it has fallen into disrepair and been added to in the Gothic spirit, when suddenly the great wealth of the New World has poured in and the owner had added a very rich Renaissance addition”

The Addison Mizner buildings in Palm Beach
The Addison Mizner buildings in Palm Beach can be counted by the dozens, each dissimilar and distinctive, inspired by the art of Spain and Italy and subtly adapted to the warm Florida climate. He said he turned the “Spanish inside out like a glove, making all the openings face a patio or a courtyard” and every room face two or three ways. There is a lightness and openness to both the inside and the outside of his houses; cleverly positioned windows and doors in his buildings meant that most rooms had a cross-draft giving a feeling when you’re in the house that you are as much in the Florida air as if you were on the beach or in the garden.

Palm Beach Everglades Club Hall

Palm Beach Everglades Club Hall

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