The Weird and The Wonderful

The Weird and The Wonderful

Autumn is upon us and so, like clockwork, The Frieze Fair arrived, gracing London with its presence for a fleeting four days. With thousands of works on view the Frieze is, admittedly, a little bit daunting. So with an essential Starbucks in hand I set off for Regents Park, determined to cram as much into my free afternoon as possible – or at least catch the highlights.

The Fair was saturated with the creme-de-la-creme of the art world; for the galleries, Frieze is all about getting the most spectacular piece of art in so as to make a statement in a sea of viable, exciting offerings. I only managed to scrape the surface

King of Destruction, Michael Landy’s Credit Card Destroying Machine at Dane Gallery was a Fair highlight for me. A monster of an automaton that chews up and spits out credit cards and produces a signed drawing out the of motion of destruction.  Many festive fair-goers, in an attempt to stop living beyond their means, handed over their valid credit cards for shredding and happily left with some art!

Addressing quite a different segment of the art market was the Frieze project by Christian Jankowski: a massive, shiny, expensive yacht which can be bought as a yacht for your personal sailing use for a mere 500 000 Euros or it can be acquired as a work of art for 625 000 Euros. Why anybody would want to pay more to be denied the use of this shiny speed demon was something I found very mysterious!.

Please find below pictures of some other weird and wonderful exhibits from the Fair: