Alidad Ltd provides the following interior design services :

Alidad Ltd offers the last word in bespoke interior design and decoration for newly built houses, existing period homes, renovation and restoration projects and more. 

Whatever Alidad and his interior designers undertake, the input from the client is paramount, he or she is consulted every step of the way.  ‘It is important that my client should be involved and be completely happy with the final result.’

Interior design services include:
• Newly build houses
• Renovation
• Restoration
• Decoration

To arrange an appointment with the Alidad Ltd team please email us or call us on 020 7384 0121 (+44 20 7384 0121).

Newly Built Houses

We undertake everything from conception to completion. We offer a unique ‘one stop’ package for newly built houses, from the initial external concrete shell into which we create rooms which are practical and easy to use. At Alidad Ltd we design every detail such as the decorative plasterwork, all the wood joinery, magnificent marble flooring and wall finishes down to the last door knob. We start with a shell and hand over the keys once the last vase of flowers has been placed on the last side table.’

Alidad enjoys all the latest high tech gadgetry which he ingeniously hides behind delicately hand-carved marble friezes, lace-like gesso, sliding leather panels or églomisé mirrors. ‘I believe that technology is vital to the smooth day-to-day running of a home, so I make every effort to incorporate it inconspicuously into the architecture.’

It is Alidad’s meticulous attention to detail, inimitable eye, knowledge and taste which allow him to create a beautiful, stylish home from a basic concrete husk so it looks as though it has developed over decades.

To arrange an appointment with the Alidad Ltd team please Email us or call us on 0207 384 0121.


Alidad Ltd provides sympathetic bespoke renovation of existing period houses, many of which have been brutally ‘modernised’ over the decades and have had all their original architectural features removed. ‘My job is to listen to the needs of my client and marry his or her living requirements with a period house built centuries ago; I have to blend two different worlds together. I also need to think ahead as to howtheir living requirements will develop over the years, so that very little has to be drastically changed for many years to come. The package we offerembraces many different elements.’

In any renovation project Alidad prepares and executes detailed architectural specifications from there modelling and rethinking of the existing layout, to the creation of entire extensions to make the home viable for a modern family. Today’s family demands more bathrooms, extra storage, a larger kitchen, a media room, a gymnasium and a swimming pool etc. Everything has to be created respectfully and sympathetically for the architecture of the building itself.

Alidad also employs teams of craftsmen to reintroduce as many of the original features as possible, from the correct cornices and fireplaces to the door handles, thus returning harmony and balance to the original building.

As high tech living has taken root, a challenge for Alidad Ltd is to incorporate it discreetly into a period home which was not born to embrace it.

To arrange an appointment with the Alidad Ltd team please Email us or call us on 0207 384 0121.


Alidad Ltd renovates period town houses as well as restoring grand country houses, returning them to their former glory, with the help of specialist craftsmen.

One of the many high profile projects that Alidad and his team have undertaken, was the extensive restoration of two major rooms at the Neo-Classical Buscot Park in Oxfordshire, which was built in 1780 and is best known for its magnificent Briar Rose series painted by the Pre Raphaelite painter Sir Edward Burne-Jones. 

The original wood fireplace in the Saloon had been removed and replaced with a disproportionately large marble fireplace, but Alidad and his team discovered an old photograph in Country Life which featured it, so he commissioned an exact copy and had it reinstated.  The other ‘coup’ was finding the early 19th century fabric designs for the Empire suite of furniture, which he traced to a factory in France.  The team also carried out extensive re-gilding and renovated the Neo-Classical plasterwork; Alidad specially commissioned woven damasks for the walls, the ceilings were all re-coloured using the original paint colours, then the curtains were replaced and dyed to what they would have been.

Even in this major restoration project of a Neo-Classical country home, Alidad and his team managed to discreetly install high tech lighting etc, behind the panelling.

To arrange an appointment with the Alidad Ltd team please Email us or call us on 0207 384 0121.


‘My job is to translate my clients’ dreams into reality.  I listen and I interpret their lifestyle requirements into a practical, beautiful home, not a ‘show house.’  At every stage the client is consulted to ensure he or she is completely happy with our designs.’

While Alidad’s architectural design is being completed by builders, he and his team will have been working on the interior design; the client will have approved the fabric schemes, furniture and trimmings, everything will have been designed and made to measure.  The interior design is the last piece of the jigsaw; as the builders leave, the interior design begins to be put into place so no time is wasted. 

This is the stage of the project when Alidad introduces all the surface finishes from hand-printed and painted paper, bespoke stamped leather or silk wallcoverings to the églomisé mirrors, custom made carpets and all the specially designed soft furnishings.  One of Alidad’s trademarks is his meticulous attention to detail; everything must be perfect from drawer linings to trimmings. He is also renowned for mixing antique and contemporary; the furniture might belong to the client or Alidad will have created new pieces based on antique designs or he might have found just the right antique. The soft furnishings such as bedheads, upholstery, curtains and trimmings are all bespoke, everything will have been created with a harmonious blend of antique and new fabrics for a beautiful, comfortable, timeless home. 

Whereas Alidad Ltd embodies the apex in bespoke sumptuous luxury, now there is also Studio Alidad, a less costly and more contemporary, fresh ‘ready to wear’ label. 

To arrange an appointment with the Alidad Ltd team please Email us or call us on 0207 384 0121.
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