Alidad Velvet Furniture Collection

An unexpected aspect of Alidad Ltd is the collection of unusual and very sophisticated award winning velvet furniture, to which he regularly adds new shapes and new fabrics.

It is Alidad's love of fabrics and of mixing old with new, that inspired him to design his own range of furniture with furniture maker Thomas Messel. The designs are based on Baroque and Neo-Classical shapes which can be made to order, and which look equally at home in period or contemporary settings.

If you are interested in any product from the Alidad Collection please Email us or call us on 0207 384 0121.

Alidad at Pierre Frey

The Mauresque Collection is inspired by the bold, rich patterns of 13th and 15th century Hispano Mauresque designs.

Alhambra and Grandada are both richly coloured and multi-patterned and come in three colourways. Alidad’s aim in designing these two fabrics, was to blend multiple floral and geometric patterns and colours which could be adaptable and useful for upholstery, dramatic wall coverings or simply cut into strips for use as borders on plainer fabrics. Alhambra and Granada add instant personality and atmosphere to a room and have been designed by Alidad for Pierre Frey.

These are our 3 fabrics to be found on the Pierre Frey website (click on the name of the fabric):

Alidad at Chelsea Textiles: The Bosphorous Collection

The Bosphorus Collection is Alidad’s first collection of embroidered textiles. The eight designs recall the beautiful and poetic 16th century Ottoman patterns which he so admires.

Embroidery is the most authentic medium for Ottoman-inspired fabrics and Alidad has taken great care to imitate their faded beauty, from rich reds which have paled to dusty pink, forest greens to misty sage and dramatic indigo to powder blue, making it possible to mix these new fabrics with antique ones if so desired. The designs are scaled down for contemporary interiors and have been placed in wide stripes, perfect for walls, upholstery and curtains.

To see the collection on the Chelsea Textile's website click on this link: Bosphorus Collection 

Alidad at Chelsea Textiles: The Medici Collection

The Medici Collection which was inspired by Italian Renaissance velvets, consists of five hand embroidered linens which come in three colourways: salmon and sage, teal and crimson and pigeon and almond. The elegant yet simple, fresh patterns include an embroidered bold floral pattern, a delicate climbing floral, a fine trellis and two sprig designs.

to view the collection please click on this link: Medici Collection 


Cushions from Alidad’s Bosphorus Collection available to buy through Chelsea Textiles.