Design Philosophy

I always strive to create timeless homes which will not age over the years. Typically my interiors are elegant and opulent, yet it is of utmost importance to me that they are also supremely comfortable and tailored entirely to the client needs.

I will always mix antique and modern pieces, as well as combining colors, patterns, textures and scales in order to create rooms which look as though they have developed over the years, with each piece adding its own layer of individuality and history.

Attention to detail is essential, it is vital that every element of a space is thoroughly considered from architectural details to modern technology with a timeless look.

Design integrity is at the core of everything I do, it is extremely important to understand the history of a space, and to ensure that any design decisions are made with respect to these. I want to create spaces that look as though they have always been there, and will be there for years to come.

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