alidad decoration

‘My job is to translate my clients’ dreams into reality.  I listen and I interpret their lifestyle requirements into a practical, beautiful home, not a ‘show house.’  At every stage the client is consulted to ensure he or she is completely happy with our designs.’

While Alidad’s architectural design is being completed by builders, he and his team will have been working on the interior design; the client will have approved the fabric schemes, furniture and trimmings, everything will have been designed and made to measure.  The interior design is the last piece of the jigsaw; as the builders leave, the interior design begins to be put into place so no time is wasted. 

This is the stage of the project when Alidad introduces all the surface finishes from hand-printed and painted paper, bespoke stamped leather or silk wallcoverings to the églomisé mirrors, custom made carpets and all the specially designed soft furnishings.  One of Alidad’s trademarks is his meticulous attention to detail; everything must be perfect from drawer linings to trimmings. He is also renowned for mixing antique and contemporary; the furniture might belong to the client or Alidad will have created new pieces based on antique designs or he might have found just the right antique. The soft furnishings such as bedheads, upholstery, curtains and trimmings are all bespoke, everything will have been created with a harmonious blend of antique and new fabrics for a beautiful, comfortable, timeless home. 

Whereas Alidad Ltd embodies the apex in bespoke sumptuous luxury, now there is also Studio Alidad, a less costly and more contemporary, fresh ‘ready to wear’ label.