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‘Award winning international designer Alidad has had over thirty years’ experience in interior architecture and design. His extraordinary projects have led him to be included year on year in Architectural Digest’s AD100, Elle Décor’s A-List, House and Garden’s Top 100 Interior Designers and Country
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Alidad is an award winning interior designer, world renowned for his opulent yet supremely comfortable interiors.

Alidad decided to establish his eponymous studio whilst working at Sotheby’s where he was the youngest departmental director for Islamic works of art and textiles. Whilst there, he realised that his interest lay more in styling the space than the actual objects within.

Alidad’s design style is inspired by an idyllic childhood spent in the ancient, rich and mysterious land of Persia. His deep appreciation for history means that he can completely immerse himself in any true design aesthetic from Baroque to Neo-Classicism, Chinoiserie to Art-Deco.

Alidad sets himself apart through his ability to create completely bespoke environments through a combination of highly skilled craftsmanship and a deep knowledge and respect of history and tradition. Invariably his rooms combine a mix of antique, vintage and modern designs, with colour, pattern, texture and scale combined.

He has been widely acclaimed for creating rooms which are extraordinarily richly textured and eclectically furnished. The colours of which evoke the faded beauty of 17th and 18th century textiles and interiors. His inimitable eye allows him to create rooms from scratch which look as though they have come together over decades.

My rooms are evolved as though they had developed over generations, each one contributing its own layer of individuality and history.  I don’t believe in fashion which is often transitory, I prefer a sense of timeless elegance and matured nonchalance. Life is so hectic and stressful that home is a vital haven in which to relax and forget the outside world. I like to think I help clients create something very special to them which will lift their spirits every time they step through the door”.

The painstaking attention to detail coupled with the highly skilled artisanship that is key to everything that Alidad designs and produces has resulted in many prestigious projects such as the architectural restoration of Buscot Park, part of the National Trust, as well as numerous homes for private individuals all over the world, including Beirut, Vienna, London and Paris.


Design Philosophy

I always strive to create timeless homes which will not age over the years. Typically my interiors are elegant and opulent, yet it is of utmost importance to me that they are also supremely comfortable and tailored entirely to the client needs.

I will always mix antique and modern pieces, as well as combining colors, patterns, textures and scales in order to create rooms which look as though they have developed over the years, with each piece adding its own layer of individuality and history.

Attention to detail is essential, it is vital that every element of a space is thoroughly considered from architectural details to modern technology with a timeless look.

Design integrity is at the core of everything I do, it is extremely important to understand the history of a space, and to ensure that any design decisions are made with respect to these. I want to create spaces that look as though they have always been there, and will be there for years to come.

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