kharafi hall up before & after

We undertake everything from conception to completion. We offer a unique ‘one stop’ package for newly built houses, from the initial external concrete shell into which we create rooms which are practical and easy to use. At Alidad Ltd we design every detail such as the decorative plasterwork, all the wood joinery, magnificent marble flooring and wall finishes down to the last door knob. We start with a shell and hand over the keys once the last vase of flowers has been placed on the last side table.’

Alidad enjoys all the latest high tech gadgetry which he ingeniously hides behind delicately hand-carved marble friezes, lace-like gesso, sliding leather panels or églomisé mirrors. ‘I believe that technology is vital to the smooth day-to-day running of a home, so I make every effort to incorporate it inconspicuously into the architecture.’

It is Alidad’s meticulous attention to detail, inimitable eye, knowledge and taste which allow him to create a beautiful, stylish home from a basic concrete husk so it looks as though it has developed over decades.